Northwest Ohio Association Role and Mission

“In light of the vision, who are we, and what do we do as we look to the next five to ten years?”

Called by God as the United Church of Christ in Northwest Ohio, we covenant together to embody God’s Gospel
in our various settings and communities.

Our role-and-mission is to build and nurture connections between congregations, clergy, other leaders and groupings for the purpose of supporting one another as we:

  • Proclaim God’s Word in worship and worshipful ways.
  • Strengthen our witness to the Gospel in the world.
  • Discern God’s will for faithful and effective ministry.
  • Manifest faithful, wise and responsible stewardship of all God’s gifts.
  • Demonstrate care, compassion, forgiveness and accountability to and for one another.


“In what key areas of our Association’s life must we achieve results in order for our role-and-mission to be accomplished?”

Proclamation: To proclaim the Gospel, worshipping God in communion with Jesus Christ and each other; so that nourished and strengthened by the Word, we participate together in Christ’s ministry – living the Gospel each day.

Public Witness: To demonstrate and facilitate a deliberate, informed, and continuing Christian presence in the world. To confront and engage the sin and evil of this world with the power of faith, hope and love.

Discernment: To cultivate communities that discern the will of God, embrace a renewed vision of obedience to Christ and provide all generations with the language, the knowledge, and the tools to nurture communities of faith.

Stewardship: To encourage communities to be thankful for and generous with the many gifts entrusted to us by God for God’s mission.  We accept God’s sacred call for the faithful, wise, responsible and just use of these gifts.

Caring: To strengthen the body of Christ by demonstrating care for leaders and congregations and by holding each other accountable to God and to the responsibility with which each has been charged.  To follow the example of Christ through a ministry of presence and forgiveness in times of conflict, peace, sadness or joy.

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