Disaster Response Kits

Many Disaster Response Kits have flowed through the door of the Association Office in order to be housed for the next disaster. Thank you… thank you….. thank you…. to all the NWOA Local Churches who have created those Disaster Buckets and Personal Care Kits. You have no idea how well this is received at a moment’s notice during a disaster.

For those churches who may be thinking about creating Disaster Kits, this year, 2021 the Northwest Ohio association, UCC (NWOA) will partner with Church World Service (CWS) and collect CWS clean up buckets and hygiene kits. Please follow the list provided below because contents have changed. In the past CWS disaster kits were shipped to locations for storage. CWS offers designed depot drop-offs through a CWS representative in Columbus, Ohio. (No need to collect funds for shipping) NWOA will be designated as a depot drop-off. The kits will be gathered and a CWS truck will travel to Tiffin for pick-up. 

Depot drop-off dates at the NWOA office will be May 3 to May 7, 2021 from 9 am to 3 pm. Please plan to deliver the kits your congregation assembled during this deport drop-off week.  NWOA Office, 416 Wentz Street, Tiffin, OH 44883.



Emergency Clean Up Buckets

(5 Gallon Bucket)

Hygiene Kits

Getting "the right stuff" in our kits

Request cash donations, purchase quantities of each item and hold a “kit assembly party”.

Questions - Call the Association 419-447-8323

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