Faith Formation Ministry Team

The Faith Formation Ministry Team aims to provide programming processes and resources throughout the Northwest Ohio Association. We are currently developing a Facebook group that allows for local congregations, laypersons, and ministers to share resources that encourage and enable life long faith formation and transformation.

Witness and Proclamation Ministry Team

For ideas about how congregations are sharing the love of neighbor, check out the NWOA Witness and  Proclamation Facebook page.

Stewardship and Caring Ministry Team

Welcome to the Stewardship and Caring Team electronic resource file. Included in this file are event presentations and effective resources for Stewardship. The first additions are of two power point presentations from our Feb. 10 Stewardship event. One on how to re-purpose one’s building for more effective stewarding of resources, and another general (without script) slide show that, although requiring some interpretation, provides useful images for asking/demonstrating stewardship and demographic realities. They may be used for NWOA local church presentations as long as they are cited with credit to their creators. The third presentation is a recap of small group work at the Feb. 10 Stewardship event in NWOA that focused persons on thinking about what is currently working in their local churches as well as some dreams for their local churches. Good for some visioning for your own church.

Is your congregation a 5 out of 5 church?

A 5 for 5 Church is one that gives to OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) through the church budget as well as asking their congregation to contribute to the UCC’s four special mission offerings that help bring hope to people in the United States and around the world. the 4 special mission offerings are One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the church and the Christmas Fund. Over 1,200 UCC Churches are already a 5 for 5 church. Encourage your church through stewardship education to be a church in mission by becoming a 5 for 5 church. Materials are available without cost to promote OCWM and the 4 special mission offerings by calling 800-325-7061, visiting or emailing

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