Church and Ministry Team

The Authorization and Standing Ministry Team’s role-and-mission is to work on behalf of the Regions and the Association at large to address issues of authorizing people for ministry and for having oversight of their standing. The UCC Manual on Ministry will guide the majority of the work done by this Ministry Team.

Faith Formation Ministry Team

The Faith Formation Ministry Team works in collaboration with and on behalf of Regions to encourage and enable education for life long faith formation and transformation of laypersons, ordained clergy and congregations. This work may include congregational leadership development, congregational transformation, youth ministries, spiritual gift discernment and sharing. 

Witness and Proclamation Ministry Team

We are the prophetic voice of the association to speak to issues that require just peace and intentional prayer as well as action and education. We seek to build awareness of justice and peace, in our association for reaching the larger church and the world. We are responsible for growing new and established ecumenical connections through intentional work. For example, we stand with: Grace Community Center, Back Bay Mission, El Salvador Mission, Crossroad, United Church Homes, Cue Seminaries. We will seek to bring awareness to issues in our communities, such as drug epidemics, human trafficking, racial strife, and bullying. We witness and develop interfaith relationships by providing educational opportunities and open discussions with a diversity of religious and spiritual understandings.

Stewardship and Generosity Ministry Team

The Stewardship and Generosity Ministry Team’s role-and mission is to plan and provide for programming, processes and resources to Regions. The Ministry Team works in collaboration with and on behalf of Regions to help us live as a faith community by keeping everyone informed and connected, providing support, nurture and appreciation to churches and their leaders, and helping everyone fully understand stewardship and recognize the resources and expertise that each church can share with others. This work may include but is not limited to: communication; resources assessment – finding out about resources (people, ideas, etc.) that other churches have and sharing them; Stewardship (Theology and Practice); Mission interpretation – OCWM partners in mission, education and financial support.

The Stewardship and Generosity Team is pleased to offer you a series of conversations with Don Hill, a specialist in Stewardship and Fundraising. The team met with Don one Saturday morning in April and from that meeting came 5 separate videos for your consideration. If you wish to follow up with the team with questions or wish to be put in touch with Don for a follow up consultation use the Association email (office or phone number (419-447-8323) to send a message and someone will be in contact with you. We hope you enjoyed these “conversations” and that Don’s thoughts prove useful to all as we continue to engage our local church Stewardship practices.  Videos 1 – 5

Is your congregation a 5 for 5 church?

A 5 for 5 Church is one that gives to OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) through the church budget as well as asking their congregation to contribute to the UCC’s four special mission offerings that help bring hope to people in the United States and around the world. the 4 special mission offerings are One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church and the Christmas Fund. Over 1,200 UCC Churches are already a 5 for 5 church. Encourage your church through stewardship education to be a church in mission by becoming a 5 for 5 church. Materials are available without cost to promote OCWM and the 4 special mission offerings by calling 800-325-7061, visiting or emailing

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